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Our Mission

One-third of households do not save any portion of their income, which can lead to financial ruin during emergencies or when it comes time to retire.

15% of US households – many of them low income – roll over more than $2,500 per month in credit card debt. Due to compound interest, many of these people are stuck in a cycle of debt.

In communities across America, kids are growing up without learning key rules and guidelines. They are not learning how to manage their money, which puts them at an extreme disadvantage as they transition out of high school. In this way, financial literacy is a major barrier to helping generations escape the cycle of poverty.

Our mission here at the Financial Literacy Community Project is to give students in West Philadelphia the same opportunities that we were lucky to receive. By teaching students essential concepts such as budgeting their money and the importance of paying their bills on time in combination with more advanced topics, we hope to give them tools to achieve independence.