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Our Team

We are community service–minded students at the University of Pennsylvania. The Financial Literacy Community Project (FLCP) is run by Penn students and with the support of the Wharton Management Department, aims to bridge the financial literacy gap in a post-subprime America by sending teams to teach financial literacy courses in local schools. Using an innovative curriculum, FLCP aims to prepare the students in these schools to make sound financial decisions in the future.

Reece Cannady

“Through the FLCP, I am able to encourage these passionate students to apply the lessons to many of their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Jason Truong

“After four semesters of teaching cohorts of high school seniors, I miss seeing the excitement of my students and the growth in their critical thinking.”

Matthew Immerso
Vice-President of Internal Affairs

“There is no better feeling in the world than when you see a student’s eyes light up as they grasp an idea for the first time”

Djavaneh Bierwirth
Vice-President of External Affairs

“Every semester we have this great moment in the classroom when one of the students will say, ‘this is actually kind of useful to me!’ When I see the kids derive value from our classes, I can see that all of our work as teachers has paid off in that single instant. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

Gabriela Fajnzylber
Vice-President of Recruitment

“My favorite moments in FLCP are when students get really excited about a business idea. Whether its starting a lawn mowing business with friends or drafting a plan for a snow shoveling service, it’s awesome to see students thinking in such an entrepreneurial way.”

Tobias Milligan

“I chose to become involved with FLCP because it represents an opportunity to make a lasting change on the lives of others. Improved financial literacy has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the communities in which we work and being part of this has been a brilliant opportunity.”

Debi Ogunrinde
Head Teacher - Penn Med

“Teaching as a member of FLCP is one of the brightest parts of my week – I love working with a small, dedicated team and getting to know my students. One of my favorite parts of teaching is the flexibility and ownership we get shaping and delivering the curriculum ourselves; it enables us to engage our class with lesson plans that are equal parts informative and fun.”

Frederick Jordaan
Head Teacher - Parkway West

“Watching your students develop over the semester is probably the most rewarding experience. You end up becoming a mentor and I got to know my students at quite a personal level. These schools are buzzing with curiosity and enthusiasm and when you are surrounded by these students you become inspired to help them achieve more and break out of their shells.”

Jenny Qian
Head Teacher - KIPP

“I think the concepts in financial literacy are so important and so useful, and they are things I wish I was formally taught. “

Maha Subramaniam
Head Teacher - Mastbaum

“My students can be a handful at times but I truly do not look forward to anything as much as my weekly lessons with them. There is something so special in the cultivation of financial literacy curiosity amongst these incredibly talented kids!”

Marisa Rackson
Teacher - Mastbaum

“My favorite moment when teaching for FLCP was when a girl, who had been extremely quiet all semester, raised her hand to answer a tough question.”

Kate Mesrobian
Teacher - Mastbaum

“I joined FLCP my freshman year and have really enjoyed getting to teach in the classroom. Helping high school students prepare for college, providing mentorship to them and seeing them grow have been highlights of my experience at Penn.”

Bill Cao
Teacher - Mastbaum

“I love teaching with FLCP because I believe that the skills that students learn is key to opening up economic opportunities that they previously did not think was possible. To me it is very rewarding to see students becoming curious about a topic and I know I have done a good job when they start asking a lot of questions. To witness the students slowly becoming more and more confident with the concepts is what makes all of the hard work worthwhile.”

Nick Mion
Teacher - School of the Future

“I really enjoy seeing the engagement of the students and being able to interact with them one on one. I think it’s a learning experience for both myself and the kids.”

Pedro Castillo
Teacher - School of the Future

“For me, FLCP is a vehicle through which we are able to incite change in our community. By providing our students with real and useful financial knowledge, we can have a meaningful impact in their lives in a long-term, tangible way.”

Manolis Katsouris
Teacher - School of the Future

“FLCP gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on the students of West Philadelphia. There is no better feeling than seeing students become passionate about financial concepts that will benefit them both immediately and in their futures.”

Mason Baldridge
Teacher - Parkway West

“My favorite FLCP memory is when a student was so interested in owning an ATM machine that he presented his research and plan at the next class.”

Angela Zhang
Teacher - Parkway West

“I love the time I get to spend with the students of FLCP. Their curiosity and energy brighten my day and I have faith that the personal finance concepts they learn in class will make a positive difference in their futures.”

Marina Tsikouras
Teacher - Parkway West

“I expected to enjoy teaching necessary financial skills to the students. Over the past two years, however, I’ve discovered how much I also enjoy getting to know our students and form relationships with them. Every week I look forward not only to teaching financial literacy skills but also interacting with our students to see them grow in confidence, understanding, and trust.”

Bradley Freeman
Teacher - Parkway West

“I am incredibly surprised by how excited and eager the students we teach are about the curriculum. Students clearly understand that the lessons they are learning have immediate real-life applications. I look forward to the rest of my first semester as a FLCP teacher.”

Ori Torres
Teacher - Penn Med

“I really enjoy teaching for FLCP because it allows me to interact with students outside of the Penn bubble and get to know the community that’s all around us. Not only are we teaching students in West Philly fundamentals for personal finances, but also inspiring them to save in order to invest in the stock market or start up their own business or line of sneakers. Teaching is one of my favorite parts of my week, and I love that we able to impact the students’ lives, and that they also help us grow.”

Kayvon Asemani
Teacher - Penn Med

“As a student from a disadvantaged neighborhood in Baltimore, MD, I know what it’s like to live in an area with an under-served school system. I was fortunate enough to attend a boarding school with a much stronger system of education, and that is where I learned about financial literacy and other important concepts. Being able to learn about such an important skill has made a huge difference in my life, and I think it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to teach the same concepts to high school students. FLCP gives me the opportunity to do that with an incredible teaching team. In addition to teaching, FLCP allows me to do a ton of learning through the students that we teach. I learn more from my students every day, and that is why I get excited to teach.”